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Meadow Brook Conservation Area, Plainfield

As part of the Swift River Landscape Partnership Project, FLT acquired a relatively small conservation area from the Addiction Campus, which sold 470 additional acres to the MA Division of Fish and Wildlife.

FLT’s new Meadow Brook Conservation Area includes a beautiful stand of sugar maples and several hundred feet of frontage along Meadow Brook, a cold water stream that feeds into the Swift River. It will also help protect the rural character of South Street in Plainfield and Cummington.

“The Swift River landscape partnership project is a crucial piece of the puzzle in protecting tributaries of the East Branch of the Westfield River,” stated Brian Hawthorne, Habitat Planning Coordinator with MA DFW. “The long history of human land-use on these properties has created and maintained this habitat diversity, and land managers from FLT and MassWildlife will continue their partnership by managing these habitats for the benefit of wildlife species”.

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