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More conservation land for you to enjoy!

The Franklin Land Trust and the Eckstein family of Colrain recently completed the permanent conservation of 86 acres of farm fields and woods along North Green River Road.

In addition to permanently conserving this land, the Eckstein’s also opened portions of their land to the public for fishing and hunting access through FLT’s Voluntary Public Access program. Thanks to the generosity of the Eckstein’s, you and your family can walk to the Green River to go fishing or have a picnic, or you can take a hike and explore the property’s beautiful woodlands and streams.

The land was purchased by the Ecksteins in the late 1960’s. “My father and I have always had the intention to keep the land the way it was when we got it and protect its natural beauty,” said Paul Eckstein. “I take the responsibility of caring for this magical land as a blessing and cherish the opportunity to share it with my family.”

By placing a permanent conservation restriction on their land, the Ecksteins will continue to own, steward, and pay taxes for the land, but they and all future owners will not be able to develop or significantly alter it from its natural state.  The land provides important agricultural, habitat, scenic and recreational benefits to the town and region. Nearly 30 acres of fields are currently hayed by Bree-Z-Knoll Farm in Leyden, and have been continuously farmed for over 50 years.  Roughly 56 acres of woods are actively managed for wildlife habitat, forest health and timber quality.

The Eckstein’s admirable conservation ethic and spirit of generosity ensures that this land will be always be available for farming, forestry, wildlife, and you!

Visit the North Green River Road Fishing Trail and Public Access Areas. Visit for information and directions.

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