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Nan Williams Conservation Area

Nan Williams of Rowe has devoted much of her life to exploring, documenting, and sharing her love for the natural world.

Nan’s children, trustees of the Rowe Land Trust, recently expressed the depths of their commitment to the land by donating 94 acres of forested land in Rowe to FLT. Their commitment not only ensures that this special land will be protected forever, but also that it will be open to the public so that you can get out and enjoy it too!

The land will be known as the Nan Williams Conservation Area, in recognition of Nan’s steadfast stewardship of this land. Nan Williams is an avid hiker, historian, and writer who has documented the history of the Town of Rowe, many of the plants on her property and throughout the town, and hundreds of hikes that appeared in the Rowe Goal Post. “Spending time on this land has been a joy for me, and we are thrilled that this special land will be conserved for everyone to enjoy in the future” said Nan Williams.

FLT will undertake a management planning process for the property before it is officially open to the public. Stay tuned for an opening day celebration!

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