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Piecing the Puzzle Together: A Critical Parcel in Plainfield

Conserving this beautiful 32-acre parcel, owned by Jack Nelson and Jeanne Sargent of Plainfield, was critical to the success of the larger Swift River Landscape Partnership Project.

By including this parcel into the larger project, the grant requirement of conserving 500 acres or more of contiguous land was met. The CR is co-held by FLT and the town of Plainfield.

“Conserving this land has been a goal of ours since we bought it in 2012. It is deeply important to us to protect mother nature and the life this land supports,” says Jack Nelson. Their land is home to stunning forested wetlands, a certified vernal pool, and hiking trails that you can access from the Swift River Management Area. “Knowing that this land will always be protected is such a relief.”

Jack and Jeanne are avid gardeners, they are involved with the Raspberry Hill Community Garden located at the Guyette Farm, and they are part of FLT’s volunteer CR monitoring program. “Our volunteer experience has given us assurance that conserved land will be monitored and protected beyond our lifetime.” They’ve been friends of FLT for years, and luckily, the time was right for them to protect their land forever. “FLT did a magnificent job! They were efficient, knowledgeable about our land, careful, and attentive to our questions. We were very impressed.”

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