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Private Land, Public Access

FLT has been working to provide you with more places to hunt, fish, bird watch, and hike!

Through the Voluntary Public Access Program (VPA), FLT is paying private landowners to allow public access on their land by purchasing public access easements. These easements offer opportunities for you to get outside and explore new places in our region.

FLT and private landowners in Conway, Shelburne, Colrain, and Williamsburg have placed public access easements on a total of 216 acres and 2.1 miles of land and trails that are now open for you to go and explore!

“We are always looking for opportunities to help people get outside and enjoy the outdoors, and to help landowners receive funds for taking care of their land. This program accomplishes both of those goals,” said Rich Hubbard, Executive Director of the Franklin Land Trust.

Visit for more information and directions to public access areas.

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