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Saving the Swift River: Putting the Landscape Partnership Program to work

FLT recently completed a multi-year and multi-landowner partnership project with help from members like you, and a grant from the Commonwealth’s Landscape Partnership Program.

This project permanently protected a total of 633 acres in Cummington, Plainfield, and Ashfield resulting in the successful completion of the Swift River Landscape Partnership Project.

Thanks to hard work from FLT staff, state agency partners, the Town of Plainfield, and you, this large block of conserved land will keep the Swift River clean, provide a large corridor for wildlife to safely travel, and offer you more opportunities for hiking, hunting, and fishing.

Through this project, FLT acquired a new property, the Meadow Brook Conservation Area, protected 32 acres of privately-owned land in Plainfield through a conservation restriction, and permanently conserved FLT’s beloved Guyette Farm. More information about these three exciting projects is below.

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