Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization

The work of a community-based non profit land trust is made possible by an unbroken chain of volunteers...organizers energized by the chance to protect a beloved piece of the landscape...neighbors talking with neighbors.... land stewards, event volunteers, and persons who consider what will happen to the property they own in years to come.

Chief among these are the members of our governing board who serve the mission on behalf of the public interest...each of them devoting their talents and their perspective to the long race that runs from our founding through to posterity.   On behalf of our communities, our staff, and the wildlife whose well-being they are entrusted with, we thank the members of the board for their dedication, their devotion, and their due diligence in all aspects of our work.

Board Directors

Mark Allen, Tony Borton, Jan Carr, Nina Coler, Paul Cooper, Lloyd Crawford, Ruah Donnelly, Thomas Luck,
Barbara Miller, Jaap Molenaar, Olaf Thorp

Volunteer Monitors

The Franklin Land Trust holds over 130 conservation and agricultural restrictions on roughly 9000 acres. Most of these restrictions are held in perpetuity. We celebrate the closing of a new restriction which helps to conserve our landscape for a myriad of uses; from productive forest and farmland, to important wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. However, this is just the beginning of a long term commitment to enforce these restrictions. In order to uphold the integrity of these restrictions, it is important to maintain relationships with the landowners who own the land on which these restrictions exist. In many cases, this means sustaining relationships with the original grantors of the restriction, but in time these original landowners move on and new land owners, and FLT’s relationship with them, are cultivated. This monitoring of restrictions is the backbone of conservation. Every year we monitor our restrictions to make sure that they are in good standing. Over the past few years, we have been helped with this task with a committed group of volunteers that agree to monitor one or more restrictions for multiple years. This allows them to get to know a property and its landowners. I would like to recognize and thank this important group of volunteers. During this strange COVID year, some chose to step aside for the year, but they are still committed to helping with this important work. They all deserve our thanks for being an important part of conserving the landscape we all love.

Joanne and Roger Clapp, Mark Burton, Carole Fuller, Ron and Nina Coler, John Sears, Mike McCusker and Polly Anderson, Jack and Danielle Lockhead, Tom McCrum and Judy Haupt, Eve Endicott, Conrad Liebenow, Barbara Miller, Lloyd Crawford, Juliet Jacobson, Bob Welsh, Jim Bonham, Richard Brown, Penny DeGeorges, Art Schwenger, Tony Borton.