2019 Annual Report

You made a difference in 2019! You helped to permanently protect important land that provides critical habitat for wildlife, clean air to breathe, and clean water for you and your family. Because of you, FLT has conserved a total of 32,925 acres of forests, farms and waterways over the last 33 years, creating resilient lands that are part of the climate change solution. We deeply value your commitment to protecting the land you love. Thank you!

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Protecting Important Lands Near You!

We know that you care about the land for many reasons. That is why we take on projects that meet a wide range of conservation goals. In 2019, Franklin Land Trust worked to protect water in Southwick and Conway by conserving forest land near important water resources. We conserved beloved scenic views and iconic landscapes in Erving and Shelburne, preserving the rich cultural history of the region you love. We conserved working forests in Gill and Shutesbury that will provide critical habitat for birds and other wildlife as well as wood products for building and construction.  We also placed Public Access Easements on hiking trails in Williamsburg, Heath, and Ashfield so that you and your family have more places in our region to explore!

Using FLT Conservation Areas as Learning Laboratories

As forest landowners and managers, Franklin Land Trust and the Massachusetts Woodlands Institute are actively working to arm ourselves with current science driven data, and innovative and effective partnerships to ensure that we make responsible and informed management decisions on the land you love – and to share what we learn with you!

We manage our lands for wildlife, pollinators, grassland and shrubland habitat, native brook trout, wildlands, invasive plants, wood products, and more. In 2019 we hosted 4 woodland tours of recently managed forest land, we participated in a US Forest Service online course with the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science, and we worked with volunteers to plant and monitor pollinator plants in our conservation areas.

As landowners and land stewards we hope to be a resource for you as you consider your land management goals. With your help, we will continue to offer walks, talks, and workshops to share our lessons learned with you.

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You are the key ingredient!

Your participation, whether attending a workshop on wildlife or estate planning,  riding the D2R2, volunteering your time to help us plant for pollinators or monitor conservation restrictions, or simply going for a walk with us on beautiful conserved lands, inspires us to work harder to protect the lands we all love.

In 2019 we organized and hosted 17 events that engaged 2,036 people in educational programs, volunteer opportunities, and outdoor recreation. And we have an exciting calendar of 2020 events to share with you!

North Pond Saved!

We worked with state and local partners, concerned citizens and dedicated volunteers to protect this last remaining undeveloped shoreline on North Pond in Southwick, MA. This land sits on top of an aquifer that supplies drinking water to thousands of people and provides critical habitat for birds and other wildlife. Thanks to you, this land will be open to the public for everyone to enjoy, forever.