D2R2: A Sweeping Success

D2R2 2019 was a sweeping success! With 1500 riders, 160 volunteers and 8 routes to pick from riders from across the country showed up, persevered, and celebrated with friends both old and new. Each year these dedicated riders help FLT conserve the dirt roads and scenic views that make this ride so unique. Thank you!

In 2019 D2R2 riders ate over 1600 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, 7680 ounces of pickle juice, 300 hard boiled eggs, and 640 pounds of watermelon! We estimate that over 200 bike tires were patched, approximately 532 riders cooled off in beautiful streams or ponds along the way, and about 320 cows looked up as D2R2 riders rolled by. D2R2 was even highlighted in Bicycling Magazine and hailed as “non-competitive classic” with a high “fun factor!”

We can’t wait for 2020, and we hope you will join us on August 15th for our 15th anniversary of this gravel classic.
Learn more at: www.franklinlandtrust.org/d2r2